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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Saturdays - HeadLines (Album) {iTunes} [i+]

Click Title 2 Download!

01. Missing You
02. Ego
03. Higher
04. Forever is Over (Radio Edit)
05. Died In Your Eyes
06. Karma
07. Puppet
08. One Shot (Starsmith Remix)
09. Forever Is Over (Orange Monkey Acoustic Version)
10. Ego (Radio 1 Live Lounge Version)
11. Forever Is Over (Video)
12. Ego (Video)
13. Missing You (Video)


Anonymous said...

UR AWESOME!!! THANK U SOOO MUCH!!! I wanted to buy the EP on itunes, but i can't find a site that sells itunes gift card codes. does anyone know a site that sells itunes gift cards and sends the code to ur e-mail?

J.V.H* said...

i thinnk argos or hmv

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